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1st Ave, Bayview 43 Industrial Area
St Francis Bay

Introducing Coastal Gym:

Empowering Fitness and Community

Coastal Gym, a thriving fitness center nestled on a scenic hill in Malema (squatter camps) in St. Francis, has a remarkable journey that began in 2021 under the visionary leadership of Xolisile Ngantweni. Initially, the gym had only a handful of members, but its humble beginnings didn’t deter the spirit of those involved.

The turning point for Coastal Gym came when M&J Charity stumbled upon a heartwarming Facebook post by Xolisile, seeking second-hand gym equipment. Touched by the passion and determination, M&J Charity decided to support this promising project with some leftover funds, making a significant difference in the gym’s early days.

To accommodate the growing demand and enthusiasm, Coastal Gym found a temporary home at St. Francis Safaris, where they rented space for a year and assembled all the donated second-hand equipment. The response was overwhelming, and the project proved to be a resounding success.

As time passed, the need for a more permanent location became apparent. Though they had to bid farewell to their initial premises after a year, fortune smiled upon them as they discovered new premises. A heartfelt appreciation goes out to Duncan Kotze from Build It, who generously offered to rent out two small units, ensuring that the guys and girls of Coastal Gym could continue their fitness journey seamlessly.

Fast forward to 2023, Coastal Gym reached another milestone by securing a spacious building in the industrial area. With relentless dedication and hard work, they have now evolved into a fully-fledged fitness company, while still upholding their core values of providing affordable training options for everyone.

The success story of Coastal Gym

is a testament to the power of community support, unwavering determination, and the belief that fitness should be accessible to all. As they look ahead, the team at Coastal Gym envisions a bright and enduring future, continuing to empower people to lead healthier lives for many years to come.

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Coastal Gym is located in the Industrial Area of St Francis Bay in the Eastern Cape.

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